Wongo The Forgetful Wizard

Wongo is a very forgetful wizard. With your help, and the help of the timberling, he must find his wizarding wand to complete his wizarding work. A fun and engaging story to be read to young children, but simple enough to be easy reading for beginners.

Author: Gerard Courtney

Beaver The Diva

Beaver, Las Vegas!

Join Beaver as he overcomes shyness and sings on the biggest stage of his life in a TALENT SHOW. You’ll meet many of Beaver’s animal pals including The Baboons with the Spoons, The Goat in the Coat and Toadie the Roadie.

An amusing tale exploring courage, friendship and kindness.

Author: Emma George

Little Girl Ligaya and the Big Roller Coaster

Ligaya is excited to go to the amusement park with her family. More than anything else, she wants to go on the roller coaster. But she is heartbroken when she finds out that there is a height requirement to ride the roller coaster. And she is too little! Oh no!

Will Little Girl Ligaya be able to have lots of fun at the amusement park without riding the racing roller coaster?

Root and hoot for Ligaya Lazaro as she overcomes the obstacles in her young but amazing life! Because just like her name, which is the Filipino word for “joy,” Ligaya will never get her size get in the way of her enjoying her larger-than-life experiences. This is the first of the Little Girl Ligaya‘s series of big adventures, best for early-reading young girls (and boys) and the perpetual young-at-hearts!

Author: Pia Calixtro

Elliot and the Sinking Ship

Elliot and the Sinking Ship is a short story book dedicated to all the children out there who love to bring their favorite toys in the bubble bath and create amazing adventures.

Author: Oliver Kult

Al Luvis Woke Up

Al Luvis Woke Up is an adult fable written as a simple children’s book. It is a satire of the obvious issues in our current political climate told in rhyme with colorful pictures so as to not overcomplicate the lessons. Al Luvis Woke Up lampoons a long list of subjects: voter apathy, political party absolutism, bank fees, the two-party system, money superseding the needs of the people, and so much more. It is the story of a guy who wakes up from a long nap only to find that his world is nothing like it was when he fell asleep.

Author: Dan Stocke

Mama Cat and the Rage

A book about postpartum emotions, new parenting, and self-care as Mama Cat navigates the first weeks of her kitten’s life.

Author: Lolo’s Mom

The Anti-Viral Adventures of Max and Mia: The Flu Case

“The Anti-Viral Adventures of Max and Mia” is a thrilling and educational kids book about two clever and brave viruses who are tasked with protecting the body from viral threats. Max and Mia are skilled and specialized viruses, equipped with unique abilities and knowledge that allow them to track down harmful viruses, develop strategies for preventing the spread of infections, and work closely with the body’s immune system to keep it healthy and safe.

Filled with action, adventure, and important lessons, “The Anti-Viral Adventures of Max and Mia” is a fun and engaging read for kids of all ages.

Author: Mr Jack Delaney

It’s Okay to Be Dummy Thick 

Everybody is different, and every body is different, and that’s okay! Discover the benefits of being DUMMY THICK, SPICY MUSCLED, FUNKY TALL, and more in IT’S OKAY TO BE DUMMY THICK, a zany and uplifting view of body positivity!

Author: Arthur Lewis

Michael Mickelstick Series – Vol. 3 

Michael Mickelstick Helps a Friend is the third installment of the series. In this book, Michael Mickelstick is faced with the challenge of show and tell day at school. The problem is Michael has nothing to show or tell about. He learns some new things about himself when he take action to solve his problem. It turns out that he is not the only one with this problem and he is able to help himself and his friend!

Author: Craig W Beresin

I Love You, Baby Bee

Children will love this playful book full of fun baby animals and a beautiful message of a parent’s lasting love.

Author: Tim Turner

Sky Blue

Sky feels blue because his dog, Honeybunny, passed away and goes on a whimsical journey to discover love doesn’t leave. He imagines they are on a ship sailing away together. They see sharks, eat cake and fly through space as Sky works through his grief and, with the support of his parents, awakens to the idea that an ending is also a beginning.

Author: Adrian Voss

Las aventuras del pequeño Santa: Un día en el Polo Norte

Acompaña al pequeño Santa en sus aventuras. Siempre aprenderás algo nuevo.

Author: Camille Mc Donald

Qué es una Pataleta?: En el supermercado… (Spanish Edition)

Pataleta, berrinche, rabieta… Le dicen de muchas formas, pero ¿qué significa en realidad? ¿Qué pasa en nuestro cerebro cuando ocurre una? Y tu mamá, ¿cómo la maneja? ¿Qué sucede cuando ocurre en medio del supermercado? ¿Se curan las pataletas? ¿Qué las provoca? ¿Será un pequeño monstruo en nuestro interior? En esta aventura, vamos a descubrirlo juntos…

Author: Carolina Van Pampus

My 1st Year Adventure

It’s not any given children’s storybook. It’s a way to capture moments, while you’re having fun reading and connecting with your baby.

Write along your baby’s milestones, personalizing this story with all of your kid’s “first times…”

You can write it all down and keep it as a lovely and unique memory from your kid’s wonderful first year.

Author: Carolina Van Pampus

El Ratoncito Rojo y la Mariposa Rosa de los sueños

Este cuento infantil ilustrado, será de gran ayuda en el crecimiento y aprendizaje de tu bebe, incentivando los valores, y entendiendo los sueños desde otra perspectiva.

Author: Andrea Montealegre

Dos Cartas para Navidad: Una nueva tradición navideña…

En este cuento, la magia de la Navidad trae a la familia de Mila una nueva tradición…

¿Quieres saber de qué se trata? ¿Por qué quieren dos cartas para Navidad? ¿Para quién será la segunda carta? ¿Se irá la magia de la Navidad por esta nueva tradición?

Author: Carolina Van Pampus

Candy the Circus Cat

Candy the Circus Cat is an extraordinary cat with many talents she loves to show off. Inspired by one of the most loyal cats who loves learning new tricks, this book was written to encourage kids to follow their dreams and bring their imaginations to life. Qualifying as one of the most entertaining and silliest books about cats that has been published this year, Candy the Circus Cat will take your little one on the journey of inspiration and laughter as Candy reveals her talents one trick at a time

Author: Mariah Wees

Albert the Octopus Accountant

Albert is a very smart and very helpful octopus. He’s also an accountant. And he loves teaching kids about money! This beautiful, full-color picture book introduces the basics concepts of money for kids ages 3 to 5. 

Author: LiLy Verlin

Never Bring a Zebracorn to School

Hilarious chaos ensues when a little girl brings her pet Zebracorn to school for show and tell! Don’t miss the latest book from bestselling children’s author Jack Lewis as he returns with this uproarious story of a school day turned upside down when the naughty Zebracorn escapes the classroom.

Author: Jack Lewis

Day Trip With My Dads

From Colorful Family comes a fun and exciting new book that’s perfect for kids who are just starting to learn about the wonders of their world. “Day Trip With my Dads” is an educational tool that teaches children about shapes, colors, actions, and words. It will help toddlers to find new ways to express themselves and utilize language. Perfect for LGBT families, this book is sure to become a bedtime favorite!

Author: Snir Heber Knimach

Our Story

“Our Story” is a book aimed at toddlers and young children. It features two dads explaining to their child how they came to be through surrogacy. It follows the family’s journey, from the parents meeting to present day. Created by the Colorful Family brand, this is a perfect book for any LGBT family. This book gives an age-appropriate look at the surrogacy process and helps for families to normalize this way of parenting.

Author: Snir Heber Knimach

Emergency Chicken

When there is trouble on the farm, there is only one animal to call! Equipped with every skill for any situation, Emergency Chicken must find which of the farm’s many residents needs a helping hand. Can Emergency Chicken save the day?

Author: Daniel Noy

Noah The Little Knight and The Mysterious Dragon

The story of a clumsy yet brave little knight named Noah. Together with Bolt, his trusty white horse, he embarks on an adventure to free a prince, who has been captured by a mysterious dragon.

Author: Panos Katirtzidis

Dapper Goes to Day Camp: The Dapper Adventures

apper goes to day camp for the first time. He is scared and worried about meeting new puppies and being without his human. However, he has lots of fun with his new friends. A perfect read for a young kid that is a little nervous about their first day of school or preschool.

Author: Laura Young

The Dapper Adventures: Benny Comes Over

Dapper Dog is a cavachon puppy that lives his life with a little bit of worry and anxiety. With the help of his friend Benny, he can learn that compromise, he can have the perfect playdate.

Author: Laura Young

Orisha Adventures: Yemoja & The Continents

Orisha Adventures: Yemoja & The Continents teaches young readers all seven continents and much more! The story is based on African mythology and shares facts around the West African Yoruba Religion.

Author: Angel’Anastasia Walton

The Illustrated Book of Medicine: Rona the Villain Virus

The pandemic has made the past year and a half has been difficult for everyone. However, it seems that the effect of the pandemic on young children is often overlooked.  Young children – especially for those from age 5 to age 13 – had a lot to learn and adjust to in this past year.

Author: Joseph Talbet

Magnus the Magic Elf Part Two: Journey to the Evil Castle

Author: Jack Stanley

The Adventures of Magnus the Magic Elf Book: Part One: Friends Join Together

A book written by Jack Stanley for his son, Magnus.

Author: Jack Stanley

Winston the Worried Unicorn

Meet Winston. He’s a unicorn. He lives with other unicorns in a magical land where all is grand. Until one day he notices his shine starts to fade. His head starts to fill with little worries that soon grow into bigger worries. Will he lose his shine and be stuck with worries for the rest of his days? Readers will learn simple tricks to help calm a worried mind while following Winston and his friends in this story.

Author: Jennifer Daffon

Kitty’s Forever Home

Meet Kitty, a fun-loving cat living in an animal shelter. Kitty is one of the many animals at the shelter waiting to be adopted. Will Kitty find her forever home?

Author: Katie Durko Karvinen

Louie the Curious Cat

A curious and charismatic cat wanders on to a blue deck to meet his new best friend Ellie. They play, laugh, learn, and share adventures!

Authors: Joe Maalouf, Shelby Pleger


Furbee is a fun children’s book about a bee who is bullied but in the end finds his worth and confidence.

Author: Holli Johnson

George Learns About Mindfulness

George was feeling frustrated and upset lately and he didn’t know what to do…

Author: Mikki Mason 

Woodland Wonder

A fun frolic through the woods with your favorite woodland creatures. 

Author: Dawn Webb 

Sir Puddles First Walk 

Sir Puddles goes out into the world for the first time. He meets quirky characters on his adventures and has some laughs…

Author: Yeremi Hykel 

Boo Visits The Zoo

This best-selling Halloween book will leave kids fascinated with Boo’s adventure at the zoo…

Author: Alanna Martinez

Michael Mickelstick’s Worst Birthday Ever?

Michael Mickelstick’s Worst Birthday Ever? is a story that finds Michael worried that no one will come to his birthday party. The reason is that Michael lives right next to a spooky jungle forest full of wild beasts. Michael takes a chance and goes into the jungle forest where he meets three leopards that seem to have lost their spots. Read the story to see how things work out!

Author: Craig W Beresin

Michael Mickelstick Saves The Day

Michael Mickelstick Saves The Day is a tale about a little boy who moves far away to a new school in a new town…

Author: Craig W Beresin

The Dapper Adventures: Benny Comes Over

Dapper Dog is a cavachon puppy that lives his life with a little bit of worry and anxiety…

Author: Laura Irene Young 

Amanda bee and the mirror

In this charming and beautifully illustrated book, 10-year-old Amanda Bee learns why growing up too fast is not a good idea!

Author:  Kathy Plettenberg 

Entre Tú & Yo: El primer cuento de tu bebé

Entre Tú & Yo, es un cuento para conectar con tu bebé desde el embarazo…

Author: Carolina Van Pampus

Good Morning Grace

A toddler starts the morning in mischief, and a graceful mama helps her learn along the way…

Author: Kim Green

A Day of Fun with Sirs Wibbit and Wabbit: A Children’s Book That Encourages Kids to Clean Up, Share, Play, and Learn Good Habits

Follow Sir Wibbit and Sir Wabbit; a frog and a rabbit in their wonderful day where they practice good habits like cleaning up, sharing, and taking time to play.
Full of beautiful illustrations and catchy rhymes, this board book encourages toddlers and young children to follow along with Sirs Wibbit and Wabbit in each of their activities while promoting social and emotional learning (SEL).

Author: Syed Abdullah

I Am a Foster Hero: ‘What is Your Super Power?’

I am a foster hero depicts the adventures of a young boy and his fur brothers…

Author: Lauri McCoy

Puppy Palooza In A Pandemic

Puppy Palooza In A Pandemic’ is a story about Ralphie and his mom‘s adventures during the Global Pandemic in 2020. 

Author: Lauri McCoy

Les Visages Paperback

A fun, lighthearted book for infants through Kindergarten.

Author: Sally Woodward-Volz

You’ve Got What It Takes!

You’ve Got What It Takes is a story of empowerment during a time when many people feel powerless. 

Author: Yeremi Hykel 

The Top of the Apple Tree

“The Top of the Apple Tree” is a story about a bright, red apple who is at the very top of the apple tree.

Author: Meghan Lamontagne

Booger Cereal

People in the town of Blocton become suspicious of a stranger that comes to town. Parents want to get to the bottom of this new delicious cereal that has all the children excited. What will the children think when their parents show them how it’s made?

Author: Paul Ledford

Who Clogged Our Toilet?

Your child’s first environmental conservation book and mystery book wrapped up in one. This book teaches your child the importance of telling the truth, explains where water goes and comes, and will help your child begin to think about the environment.

Author: Paul Ledford

Dynamics of the Parent-Child Relationship: in Pictures Apple Tree

A fun and easy illustrated guide to raising independent, free-thinking children. This book will show you the basic principles you should follow to be an ideal role model and effective parent without micro-managing your child.

Author: Paul Ledford